Welcome to the Lakes Region Food Network!

The Lakes Region Food Network (LRFN) is an emerging grassroots organization concerned with food access, food security, and the food economy in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.

Our Vision: The Lakes Region Food System will be a robust, thriving community-based food system where fresh, healthy, affordable food is available to everyone, farmers
receive fair compensation for their products, and farmland is accessible and

Our Mission: The mission of the Lakes Region Food Network
is to create an environment where people and organizations can access
information and resources, find one another, and discover ways to work together
to realize the vision for the Lakes Region Food System.

Some of the ways we will be carrying out our mission include the following:

  • Provide infrastructure for communication among network members
  • Provide web space for project groups/organizations to share information about their activities
  • Distribute information regarding network members, events, and educational resources
  • Actively promote the relocalization of the local and regional food economy

The LRFN will remain a grassroots organization (not a 501(c)3 non-profit) until it has become more firmly established. This will enable it to keep operating costs at a minimum and avoid the need to devote time and resources to the creation of a non-profit organization.

There are different ways you can participate in the LRFN. Join the Steering Committee, share information with your contacts, connect us with others who are concerned about food issues, participate in our events, make a donation to help fund our activities, and more.

You’ll notice there are no comment sections on our pages, due to the high volume of spam we were experiencing. However, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Click here to go directly to our contact form. Click here for information on where your donation can be sent.LRFN_Color