End Hunger Donation Program

Here’s how one local farm has been involved in ending hunger in the communities where they live and work – Kudos to Winnipesaukee Woods Farm for so nicely illustrating the power of One.

End Hunger Donation Program a success!!

 We want to thank everyone who donated to the End 68 Hours of Hunger and Gilford Got Lunch programs for the 2014 summer season. Each time the program’s families arrived, they went through the bag, asking questions and getting excited about trying new things. This all because of your generosity and support of these great programs.  

We want to take a moment to share with you some of the wonderful comments we heard and witnessed over the summer’s season:

One family shared that this summer is only the second opportunity her children have had a chance to have fresh instead of canned vegetables…  The first time was last summer’s End 68 program.

Another mother shared with us that her children were fighting over who would get to eat the broccoli each time it showed up in their share.

At one pick up a recipient spoke with great animation about how, for the first time ever, she is thinking about the winter and the future.  She was asking what she was able to freeze and store away for the winter season to come.  She also shared with Aaron that she has been baking less and exercising more and she was feeling great!

An illustration of how little some of these folks have had the opportunity to cook with fresh foods came when one of the recipients asked Liz, “What do I do with basil anyway?”.

These are just a few of the wonderful opportunities we’ve had this summer to share recipes and new ideas about healthy eating and living with our End 68 Hours Program recipient families.  We share them with you not to point out how much some folks are struggling, but to show that we can all make a difference, no matter how seemingly small.  Think of it this way, for the 15 weeks these families received their fresh vegetable share, that works out to be almost 30% of their total year’s meal potential!   

At the Gilford Got Lunch program, we witnessed volunteer delivery drivers sharing heartfelt stories that were shared with them at their deliveries.  So many different circumstances that brought each family to the position of being in need.  Folks were so grateful for the help that they felt compelled to share their story about how unexpected circumstances left them in their current position.  Some are not so lucky to have savings and many are one broken-down car or health emergency away from really struggling to get by.

Some families are taking care of grand-children or other relatives’ children, and still more are just struggling to make ends meet while holding 4 jobs!  Your help was more than them being able to have something beyond boxed food from the middle aisles of the grocer, and even beyond the chance at a fresh head of broccoli.  You helped some folks feel, for just a moment, that they had something more, a fresh start, that someone cared, and they were a part of a community.  Thank you for your contributions and helping your community, your generosity matters.  

This season we distributed 12 full size summer season shares to families in need.  This does not even include those shares that have been graciously donated by CSA members on vacation weeks. With that, we hit over 180 donated weekly shares over the 15 week season (each of those shares are the same as the Full Shares you get each week)!

We do not want to single out any of our specific donors for recognition, however, we cannot go without sharing our gratitude to Marc & Marie Hebert, Alton community members and owners of the Harbor Group, for putting this program over the top.  With their help in matching each donated share in kind, we were able to give out almost $4000 in fresh produce to families in need!

Thank you so much to all of our farm members this year and thank you to our donors to the End 68 & Gilford Got Lunch programs.  Your commitment in engaging with the local food system makes a big difference in our community and to our world…think globally, act locally!

Should you be interested in donating to the cause next year or want other information about the farm’s activities and CSA share seasons, check out our website…and look out for what we hope will be a great fall season and another great summer season next year!

Thank you for all of your support and membership with our farm!

All our best,

aaron & Liz

Eat well and Be well,
Aaron & Liz Lichtenberg
Winnipesaukee Woods Farm
Alton Bay, NH


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