What’s on Your Plate?

“What’s on Your Plate?” is the ongoing community conversation about the Lakes Region Food Network. You can read about its development on our History page. The What’s on Your Plate? report contains the nucleus of a food system strategic plan, as it identifies numerous actions in 7 areas that would contribute to a more vibrant and resilient local food system. Some of these actions are currently being carried out by various agencies and businesses, while others are being addressed only minimally or not at all. Some can be effectively dealt with at the local level, while others require policy changes at the state and federal levels. Some require individual action, while others need concerted effort of a range of players. It is acknowledged that the current report is incomplete, as there are certainly other actions yet to be identified. Additionally, there is not a comprehensive knowledge base regarding which entities might be addressing which issue areas/actions, and in what manner. It is expected that information gathering to create a more complete picture of the Lakes Region food system will be a major focus in 2013.

To read the “What’s on Your Plate?” report (2012 version), click here. From the Dropbox page, click “download” to get the report.

An updated version of the report will be made available as soon as final editing is completed.