Public Policy and Food

Organizations and resources regarding the role of public policy in support of local/regional  food systems and food security

Organizations (including internet-based)

UrbanAgLaw uses a collaborative approach to collect and disseminate important legal information, best practices, and supporting tools for urban agriculture in the U.S.


Good Laws, Good Food: Putting State Food Policy to Work For Our Communities  2012 report on public policy and its impact on food access and food security at the state level.

Good Laws, Good Food: Putting Local Food Policy to Work for Our Communities
2012 report on public policy and its impact on food access and food security at the local level. Includes suggestions for including food issues in master planning initiatives.

Planning for Food Access and Community-Based Food Systems
APA’s Planning and Community Health Research Center conducted a multiphase research study to identify and evaluate the development, adoption and implementation of food related goals and policies of local comprehensive plans, including sustainability plans, across the United States; and their impact on local policies, regulations, and standards for the purpose of reducing food access disparities among children, adolescents, and adults, and improving community-based food systems.

Reimagining Cleveland: Ideas into Action Resource Book
Inspiring collection of stories about projects in Cleveland OH, many of which revolve around the food system.

Seeding the City: Land Use Policies to Promote Urban Agriculture
Resource manual addressing multiple aspects of urban agriculture and public policy/planning issues